Online coaching, outdoor & gym P.T
sessions available


The first step is to book a consultation, this consists of an analysis of your current lifestyle, exercise, nutritional habits, medical history and what motivates you and to what end.

I aim to have all my sessions flow from head to toe, start to finish, energising every part of your body to work to its full potential. Then a gradual decline in pace with a good stretch to be able to send you away feeling strong and fresh within yourself.


I have experience in striking for various martial arts that i like to incorporate when ever i get the chance. With precision pads it is a great way to burn fat, tone muscle, build balance and coordination and not to mention let off a little steam.

During a consultation we will be discussing what you want to get out of all this. My service and your body in general. I will be learning about you and what your body is used to so as to be able to assign significant yet minuscule changes or adaptations in your day to day routine that will help work towards your desired physical condition.
Home, Outdoor or Gym sessions.
During one of these session I will be working with you based on what we have discovered and agreed on during the consultation, these sessions are built around your goals and what resources you have to use, which does not need to be anything fancy or complicated, to begin with its just you and what is in your day to day environment that I want to help you utilise.

Online Personal Trainer 1-0-1

Got a routine but not seeing much progress? Feel like your just going through the motions at the gym? With an online consultation and programme design you can hone your current gym routine and eating habits to make the most of what comes naturally to you.

Basic Packages

Packages of 5 or more include Gym program & nutrition for free

Single session


5 Session all inclusive


10 Session all inclusive


Terms, conditions and Cancellation Policy

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy which is applied to all scheduled personal training sessions and consultations. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full to the client. You can cancel or rearrange a session by either phoning or texting Seddik on 0780-3348-222 or emailing

All personal training packages bought will expire 6 months from the purchase date.

All personal training packages must be paid for in advance, before the first session commences.

If a personal trainer is late for a session the session will be extended, if the client is late for a session it will not be extended due to the trainer's schedule for the rest of the day.

Refunds will not be given if the client has paid for a package and no longer wishes to continue.